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Is it wrong of me to print that Earl of Sandwich menu and plan meals around it for two or three weeks? Those sandwich combos sound amazing!

I'm getting a laugh out of your shunning Demerol but shooting caffeine. Our kids are 100% caffeine free (something my quad-shot latte self is not) and I've apparently got Ross so paranoid about caffeine stunting his growth that he performed an EXCELLENT Bill The Cat rendition the other day when he accidentally got a sip of my latte instead of his cocoa. He will sip alcohol with abandon, though, and once ate a good week's worth of birth control pills thinking they were candy (kid ate chocolate for dinner that night - no lie).

I am proud of you for getting through it with no sedation, though! I don't think I would have made it - I wish Chris would drive me to the OBGYN so I could have some wine before they do the darned PAP test...

midlife mommy

I am so glad that your colonscopy went well!


Congrats on getting your colonoscopy....umm, behind you! I'll bet you're glad it's another three years before you have to go through that...dare I say crap?

The Earl of Sandwich menu sounds awesome. My favorite menu-item name: "The Full Montagu."

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