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Love the list! I definitely didn't know some of those things!


Well you learn something new every day!! I'm a certified diver as well. Actually did quite a bit of it before I had kids. These days, I couldn't tell you where my gear even is!!

My middle name is Marie, too!! :)

This was a fun read--glad you shared.


This has got to be the funniest "25 Random Things" response I've read!

But no. 6 rocks! And so do you!


Woo Hoo to you fellow Parrothead! Our 6 year olds fav song is "Delaney talks to statues.." love it! Our 4 year old loves "I don't know" and of course, the two of them together think it is pretty funny in "Grapefruit" that he doesn't wear underwear :) Anyway, I just found your site and you can be sure I will be back to visit! BTW what are Jimmy's two kids middle names? What is your fav song? Mine is Boat Drinks!!!! Take care, Caroline *mommy of 2 (one with a missing front tooth, one healing from Eczema...thank you God and Vidazorb, and BOTH little Parrotheads!)

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Wow, I'm gonna make my "25 random things about me" too!


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Congrats on being cancer free for so long! Cancer runs in my family, and I understand how mentally tough you must have had to have been to get through that trying time. Great list by the way, kept me laughing throughout (except for, you know, the cancer part).

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